Discover The Release Of Writing This National Writing Day

National Writing Day on the 23rd of June celebrates the sense of freedom provided by creative writing. It encourages putting pen to paper for pleasure and self-expression, not out of obligation or the desire for a good mark. With a prolific number of writing prompts readily available on the internet, it’s a wonderful chance for us to explore what creative writing can mean for our mindset and mental health. 


Leave The Pressure Behind This National Writing Day


Don’t panic! Nobody’s asking you to write a novel or make a profound statement. The beauty of National Writing Day is that nobody’s making you do anything. Instead, we’re suggesting that you try something new, just you and the page. 

Writing can help you gain some perspective, just like any other hobby – research shows that people with hobbies are likely to experience less stress, depression and low mood, with imaginative tasks stimulating an upward spiral of wellbeing and creativity. Choose to spend time writing, where you are free to use words in whichever way you want, without company goals or style guidelines buzzing around in your head. Give it a try this National Writing Day and see if this is something you’d like to pursue!


Exploring Your Relationship With Yourself


When you read the words ‘creative writing’, do you feel horror or joy? Compulsory storytelling competitions and English Literature assignments have created a stressful impression of writing that seems to require you to be a master of dialogue, world-building and description. However, National Writing Day is not a mandatory school event, and detailing your emotions and experiences via pen and ink can be incredibly helpful when it comes to exploring your relationship with yourself.

In private writing, there is no censorship. Let all the messy, critical, tender thoughts spill out onto the Word Document. As you articulate your thoughts, you are also practising mindfulness, exploring your thoughts and emotions and focusing on putting them into words. When you become familiar with yourself through writing, you can also notice patterns – patterns of repeated negativity or thoughts which tend to awaken interest and enthusiasm, all of which are valuable pieces of information for shaping a more positive mindset. 


Practical Suggestions To Get The Ball Rolling This National Writing Day


The internet is bursting with authors, journalists and teachers giving prompts to get your creative juices flowing. However, this can be quite daunting. Instead, try sitting down and writing for a solid five minutes, without re-reading or crossing anything out, even grammar or spelling errors. If necessary you can start with a sentence from a book or a newspaper and then go from there, putting down anything that crosses your mind. You don’t even have to read it back! By writing without expectation, guidance or pressure, you can experience a sense of freedom and tackle the stress-inducing perfectionism you may have learned at work. 


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