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The hardest words for any high-achieving professional to say are, “I need help”.

Admitting that you are stressed and not coping very well is embarrassing. I help high achievers, including business people, lawyers, teachers, architects, doctors and other medical experts to better deal with the pressure, stress and strain of their industries and thus live a more fulfilling life.

In the UK, 74% of all adults have felt so stressed at some point that they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope. Symptoms of stress include anxiety, poor sleep, fatigue, depression, poor relationships with family members, negative thinking and a general loss of optimism and zest for life.

In addition to this, we have to deal with:

  • A poor work-life balance
  • A high-pressure working environment
  • The emotional effect of working with clients and patients
  • The expectations and perceptions of other people

It’s easy to see how a combination of these can really take their toll and negatively affect your confidence and skills.

Coaching, with Dr Jan C. Wulff.

As a qualified and experienced Life Coach, I created my effective 5-step BrainTuning® System to take high-achieving individuals and teams of professionals from overwork and exhaustion to feeling positive, energised and deeply fulfilled in only 12 weeks!

As I have done with many, many others, I will help you to reorient yourself towards your goals and your passion in both your professional and private life. Feelings of pride, satisfaction and fulfilment will be reignited – but most of all, your joy for life will significantly increase.

Mindset Life Coach

Recent Testimonial

“There are situations in life that tear away the foundations on which everything you believe in and know is built. You are in the middle of life, you think you have worked for something reliable, you think you are someone, and then it is taken away from you at once.

That’s what happened to me when I took on a new professional challenge. With a lot of experience and positive reinforcement in my luggage, I started this new job as a manager and failed – at first. And this supposed failure brought me to Dr. Wulff, whom I have held in high esteem as our family and general practitioner for 25 years. He has accompanied me and my whole family through so many ups and downs and has always put us on the right track. But this time I realised it would take more than just one or two normal appointments with my GP. This time I needed a rock to keep me afloat.
So I asked for coaching.

And what happened to me then I can’t describe in any other way than a transformation process, initiated and supported by Dr. Wulff’s sensitive and individually tailored guidance.

I learned a new view of the world, learned to accept the here and now, not to prejudge and judge, but to accept what is and at the same time drew from this the strength and motivation to change things that are within my power to change.

Away from a world view that laments about the outside and sketches how beautiful everything could be if only it were different. Towards a deeper understanding of being, the all-encompassing big picture, the essential.

Dr. Wulff taught me not to lose my basic trust in myself, especially in my own failures, and to believe in my own creative power. And it was only through this unconditional reassurance that I was able to find my way back to my own strength and rekindle my creative drive and zest for action. I have now become a better version of myself because I can more quickly reflect on negative, condemning and devaluing judgmental views of the world and my fellow human beings and actively redirect them into positive streams of thought. Instead of a: But one should!, occurs: And I make of it the following…

Thank you Dr. Wulff that through your coaching support I am experiencing a new level of self-efficacy that benefits not only me but also those around me.

Thank you Dr. Wulff that through your coaching support I can have a positive influence on other people and thus enrich their lives.

Thank you Dr. Wulff that through your coaching support I understand the professional challenge I chose for myself, which threatened to fail, as a task that I can grow with and master.
Thank you for being in my life!”

Tatjana R, 48
Head of a grammar school in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

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