Build Your Positive Future With Life Coaching And Mentoring

Sometimes, we feel as if someone has pressed the pause button on our lives. When we are stressed, negative thoughts take over our minds, meaning we are not able to live our lives to the full or achieve our goals. If this resonates with you, you could benefit from life coaching and mentoring. Dr Jan’s unique BrainTuning® System seeks to break down your subconscious negative thought patterns and rebuild the way in which you view the world, helping you to feel happy, fulfilled and energised.


What Is Life Coaching? 


Life coaching is designed to support you in improving your relationships, career and your day-to-day life. Each and every day, it is our choice whether we are happy or unhappy. Joy and quality of life are essential in both our professional and personal lives, so if you are feeling stressed, overworked, depressed or burnt out, then now’s the time to turn that around and transform your life.

Dr Jan’s effective life coaching methods help you to shift your consciousness and actively guide your subconscious, allowing you to become the happiest, best version of yourself! 


You Don’t Have To Live With Stress And Depression 


If you are tired of feeling stressed and exhausted, with nothing to look forward to, then you are most certainly not alone. The rigours of modern life often leave us unable to take the time to assess our wellbeing, but this shouldn’t be the case. Dr Jan can show you the best way to alleviate stress and feelings of depression. As a medical doctor with over 40 years of experience and a certified life coach for numerous years as well, Dr Jan has spent a great deal of time researching how best to help individuals to feel more joyful and eliminate stress on a long-term basis.


Who Might Benefit From Life Coaching And Mentoring?


In his search to help you overcome stress and rediscover the joy of life, Dr Jan offers both group and 1-on-1 coaching

1-on-1 coaching will be tailored to meet your needs and the challenges you face. This form of life coaching can particularly help you if you want to develop and expand your personal potential at work and in relationships. It is also ideal when dealing with your finances, developing your physical and mental health, and generally increasing your zest for life.

Group coaching has been designed mainly for companies and teams of professionals. As we all know, there is no ‘I’ in team and it is important that teams work together to achieve their business goals. Group coaching can help to strengthen team spirit and it allows a group of individuals to feel the benefit of coaching and mentoring. 


Contact Dr Jan Today To Kick-Start Your Future 


If you feel that you need support in making a positive change to your mindset, then a Discovery Call is the best place to start. During a complimentary 20-minute call, Dr Jan will assess your current outlook and discuss your goals.

Coaching with Dr Jan will enable you to cope with short-term struggles with the added benefit of bringing about long-term changes in your thought patterns. This provides you with the ability to work through future challenges independently and without stress.  

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