How To Use Daily Affirmations To Incite Change In Your Life

Barriers to personal growth are numerous and unique to each of us. Fortunately, none are insurmountable and many are avoidable. Understanding the Law of Attraction is the key to taking control of your future and daily affirmations offer a simple way to achieve what you want. 


Feeling Stuck Or Lost


From a young age, we are taught to set ourselves goals and grow as individuals. We hear phrases such as, ‘push yourself’ and ‘reach your potential’ and, for a time at least, we engage in a journey of personal growth whether we are focused on doing so or not. Our brains are sponges, taking on information at an astonishing rate, enabling us to reach an age where we can competently navigate adulthood. But once the state of rapid learning we experience during infancy begins to plateau, it is up to us to choose to acquire new knowledge. When we are no longer surrounded by caregivers encouraging us to be the best version of ourselves, it is up to us to pursue a path of personal development. 

Many people lack motivation and enter a stage in their life where they cease to progress. Others fear failure, finding it challenging to drive themselves towards goal achievement, or in some cases set themselves targets at all. Both of these setbacks require a change in mindset. Once the power of positive thought is understood, personal growth becomes almost effortless. 


The Law Of Attraction


Put simply, the Law of Attraction dictates that we have the ability to attract into our lives whatever we choose to focus on. The philosophy suggests that the active participation of thinking positively creates favourable results in a person’s life, whereas negative thought patterns bring about unwanted outcomes. 

If you are working towards a promotion at work and regularly think of reasons that you may not get it, chances are, you won’t. If, however, you dedicate time each day to think about the reasons you deserve to be promoted, you are more likely to experience a positive upshot. Daily affirmations play an integral part in using the Law of Attraction to your advantage. 


What Are Daily Affirmations?


Daily affirmations remedy the feeling of being stuck and facilitate goal setting and achievement. They allow you to overcome self-sabotaging patterns of negativity and allow you to live a happier, more joyful life. 

They take the form of short phrases that you repeat to yourself either in your head or aloud multiple times per day. Some people allocate a specific time of the day to carry out this ritual, whereas others repeat the phrases to themselves at many points throughout the day. 

These brief, uplifting statements follow three rules: 

  1. They must be formulated in the present.
  2. They must only use words with positive connotations.
  3. They must not use negations (negative words such as no, not or never).  

Different types of daily affirmations may be used to negotiate different challenges. If you suffer from low self-esteem, simple phrases such as, ‘I am worthy’ and ‘I like myself’ may act as a turning point in your life. When you are working towards a goal, more precise expressions may be selected, such as, ‘I deserve this promotion’ or ‘I am fit because I exercise every day’.  


How To Successfully Use Daily Affirmations 


When you first introduce daily affirmations into your routine, it is advisable to select a specific time of the day and repeat the phrase or phrases for a minimum of ten minutes. Once this practice becomes natural, you will probably find yourself gravitating towards your daily affirmations at other points of the day, without deliberate effort. 

Start small. Some of the most powerful self-talk phrases we can use are: ‘I feel good’ and ‘I like myself’. If we can succeed in transferring these basic thoughts from our conscious to our subconscious mind, it would guide our feelings and actions for the day, triggering a spiral of positivity.


Life Coaching With Dr. Jan


Adopting a more positive mindset is life-changing. Daily affirmations offer a powerful way to begin channelling your positivity, however, mindset training without support can be challenging. 

Dr. Jan C. Wulff is a practising GP and certified Life Coach. Over the past 15 years, he has helped countless individuals transform their lives, leaving behind stress, anxiety and low self-esteem, whilst carving out a brighter future. Dr. Jan’s unique BrainTuning® System helps you to identify the negative intricacies within your thoughts patterns that are holding you back. Using a wide variety of guided mindset exercises, he supports you in a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, enabling you to confidently set yourself goals and create positive change within your life. 

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