How Can A Life Coach Help You?

The purpose of a life coach is to help you to live a happier, more fulfilling life. No two people are the same, we do not react to treatment in the same way and we all have different ambitions and difficulties. That is why all of Dr Jan’s treatments are bespoke and tailored just to you! So, what are some of the things that he can help you with?


A Life Coach Can Help With Stress


We all experience stress at some point in our lives, it would be a very boring life if you never found yourself in a stressful situation! Our body reacts, to real or perceived stressors, in a way that is designed to help us, the rush of adrenaline is great at helping us run away from lions! However, it’s very doubtful that you will ever find yourself in that situation. 

Instead, the physiological response is brought about by things like workload or family disagreements. Short term, this is in no way problematic, it can actually be beneficial. Unfortunately, repetitive acute stress and chronic stress can be harmful. You can read more about this in one of our recent blogs

Dr Jan may not be able to remove all the stressors from your life, however, as a life coach, he can help you to deal with them in an appropriate, less harmful way.


Poor Work-Life Balance


Many clients who choose to undergo life coaching do so because they are struggling with their work-life balance. Dr Jan has found this to be a common problem among many of his very successful clients who work in high-pressure industries. 

Again, he will not be able to change the demands of your career, however, he will be able to help you to cope with them much easier and even joyfully. He will also show you the importance of switching off sometimes. You will not be performing at your best if you are constantly exhausted! Although shutting off from work may seem counterproductive, achieving a good work-life balance can increase your overall performance. 


The Emotional Effects Of Working With Clients And Patients


Our careers do not exist in a vacuum. We cannot simply carry out our jobs alone, isolated from other people. This means forming relationships with those that we work with but also with our clients or patients.

Even in more relaxed work environments, the needs and expectations of those we are working to help can be overwhelming. This can range from customers becoming impatient and ill-mannered in a fast-food restaurant, to patients in a hospital not reacting positively to treatment. Despite being very different environments with very different stakes, both of these will have an impact on you.

Life coaching will help you to cope with the emotional effects of working so that you can be present and compassionate, but are also able to detach once your shift is over or the situation gets to be too much.


Finding A Life Coach 


When looking for a life coach perhaps the two most important things to consider are whether you feel you can connect and open up to this person and whether they are qualified to offer you the help that you need.

When you come to Dr Jan, the first step is to book your FREE Discovery Call. This 20-minute conversation is an obligation-free opportunity for you to meet each other, and see if you click.

Dr Jan’s extensive medical training has given him the qualifications to help all manner of people. He has published scientific research, opened his own GP practice and worked as a life coach for over 13 years! Recently he published the international #1 bestseller ‘How To Achieve What You Want’, in which you can learn from his knowledge and experience.

Arrange your call today to move towards a happier, more fulfilling life.

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