How To Strengthen Your Relationship This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is an annual celebration of love, during which romantic partners often exchange cards and gifts as tokens of their affection for one another. At this time of the year, you may be contemplating what to purchase for your significant other – chocolates, a romantic meal, or perhaps something a little more sentimental. These gifts may be a nice gesture, but this year why head in a different direction? Although not a classic Valentine’s Day present, coaching sessions will create the foundation for a strengthened relationship.


How Can Coaching Strengthen A Relationship?

The Law Of Attraction
‘You can’t love somebody else until you love yourself’ is an age-old saying that you are most likely familiar with, but what does it mean? In short, it is simply the Law of Attraction at work. The Law of Attraction states that you will attract into your life that which you focus on. If you think positively, you will find yourself in favourable situations, surrounded by similarly optimistic people. If you have a negative outlook, you will attract destructive influences into your life.

This idea extends to romantic relationships. If you view yourself in a negative light, believing that you are unloveable, you will struggle to hold down a relationship. By focusing on your belief that others are not fond of you, you will make this a reality in one of two ways.

  1. If you think negatively, you may have attracted a partner who shares the same views. Their negativity will undoubtedly cause them to focus on your shortcomings and the problems within your relationship. The love you once shared will inevitably break down.
  2. Your partner may be very fond of you, but your belief that you are unloveable causes you to misinterpret their actions. For example, if you have not heard from them for a day, you may falsely believe that they do not want to spend time with you. This reinforces your belief and you continue to look for other signs of lacking affection, stuck in a never-ending cycle.

You must, therefore, learn to love yourself in order to strengthen your relationships. This can be achieved with mindset training with Dr. Jan. Over a three-month course of weekly sessions, he will provide you with the knowledge and exercises you need to replace your negativity with a positive mindset. Although a general format is followed, there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ when it comes to coaching. Whether you opt for 1-to-1 coaching or choose to attend as a couple, each session will be uniquely tailored to your individual circumstances.

Communication Is Key
It is easy to dismiss small problems within a relationship and set aside fleeting feelings of unhappiness, however, the more this happens, the more likely your relationship is to break down. Coaching allows you to discuss small grievances that occur during the week without allowing them to amount into a bigger problem. More than this, by adopting a positive mindset, a great number of annoyances will simply fall away as you will no longer be focusing on the negative aspects of life. Dr. Jan will encourage you to view those that do arise in a different light, asking you to explore what you can learn from each situation.

Coaching Encourages Honesty
Coaching sessions create a safe environment in which you may voice any concerns that you may have about your relationship. In a relaxed setting with Dr. Jan present, you and your partner may engage in an open dialogue in which you seek to appease rather than accuse. If you choose to attend coaching sessions as an individual, you will be encouraged to reflect on your attitudes and behaviour, looking for opportunities to engage in personal growth which will ultimately strengthen your relationships.


Book A Discovery Call With Dr. Jan

It is never too late to work on yourself. A strong and nourished relationship is the greatest gift you can give or receive this Valentine’s Day. To find out more about 1-to-1 or couples coaching, book a Discovery Call with Dr. Jan today.

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