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Your thoughts shape your outlook, your personality, your relationships, your very essence – but are they truly your own? From the day you were born, the outside world began to spread its influence and, subconsciously, you adopted what you heard and saw into your belief system. It’s time to adjust your mindset.

Dr Jan works tirelessly with his patients to rewrite negative thought patterns and turn pessimism on its head, unlocking a zest for life that may have been hidden for years. In his bestselling book, ‘How To Achieve What You Want’, he unpicks the 6 Laws Of The Mind and provides helpful mindset exercises that help you to reshape your thoughts and, ultimately, achieve your potential.

Using The 6 Laws Of The Mind To Adjust Your Mindset

The Law Of The Inside And Outside World
Chances are, you don’t like the rain. Why? From a young age, you have been taught to associate dark clouds with limitations. Movies often depict rainy days as gloomy, sad or even dangerous. Advertisements pair ‘must-have’ products with sunny skies, symbolic of happiness and enjoyment. Over time, this conditioning perpetuates the idea that rain is undesirable.

All of the information we receive from the Outside World, including other people’s opinions, news stories, social media, TV, film, radio and books create your unique ‘Internal Map of Reality’. It is this construct that governs your thoughts, beliefs, actions and behaviour; however, to adjust your mindset, anything you build can be broken down and reconfigured.

The Law Of Attraction
You attract into your life that which you focus upon. When you’re in a good mood, favourable things happen; when you’re in a bad mood, nothing goes your way. Understanding that your Internal Map of Reality is not reality itself creates choice. You can decide to disassociate from negative thoughts and emotions because they serve you no purpose. When you replace unhelpful thought patterns with positive alternatives, you adjust your mindset and welcome a new chapter of improved well-being.

The Law Of Control
When you meet a stranger, your brain generates a snap judgement based on their image, body language and behaviour. If you are ‘naturally’ inclined to keep your distance, the way you interpret new situations may have an adverse effect on your relationships, job and social life. This is an example of how you are being governed by a powerful and outdated Internal Map of Reality. By learning that you have control over your thoughts, you (and you alone) have the power to rewire your mind.

The Law Of Freedom
Awareness creates choice. Once you begin to actively remodel your thought patterns you can decipher what you truly think and believe. The freedom to adjust your mindset and adopt a more positive outlook helps you to achieve your goals and carve out your life’s path. By visualising your targets and the actions you must take to meet them, you equip your mind with the tools to bring them to fruition. The power of positive thought facilitates personal, emotional and professional success.

The Law That Thoughts Are Real Forces
The thoughts that occupy your mind create tangible experiences in the Outside World. By consciously replacing negative streams of thought with optimism, you change your fate. Not only will you create a more advantageous future for yourself, but your actions will inevitably affect those around you. The thoughts that shape your behaviour act as a driving force for positive change in every situation you encounter.

The Law Of Transmitters And Receivers
Human communication transcends our ability to gesture or speak to one another. Every thought you have generates energy and, when you are open to outside frequencies, thoughts can be transmitted and received by others. In this way, when you adjust your mindset you can positively influence others merely by being in their presence. Your Internal Map of Reality has a greater reach than your own mind. Giving yourself the time and space to construct helpful thought patterns has the scope to better your life, as well as the live’s of your friends, family and colleagues.

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