Always Being Digitally Connected: Technology And Mental Health

In today’s world we’re in a constant state of being digitally connected, both at work and in our personal lives. With this being the case, the result is that there are many issues to be found with technology and mental health.  


Technology And Mental Health At Work


At work, we are often so deeply involved in technology that we don’t give it a second thought, as it’s become second nature. Not so long ago, the level of technology at work might have been limited to receiving and responding to emails, and maybe using some specialist software relevant to your industry. Now, a modern work environment means that it’s likely you are simultaneously and constantly monitoring multiple communication apps, and being expected to respond to colleagues internally, as well as clients externally in real time. If this describes your situation, you might be concerned about technology and mental health.

As well as experiencing stress caused by technology in an office environment, the standardisation of working from home has become commonplace over the last two years. With this, the lines between home and work are blurred, meaning you feel there are no defined, clear-cut hours of work. You may also find it difficult to rewind in the place you’ve spent the day working in and those without dedicated home offices often cite this as an issue. This can lead to the constant feeling that you are simultaneously at work and not at work, placing a strain on your mental health. 


Technology And Mental Health in Your Personal Life


Outside of work, there are also potential issues with technology and mental health in our personal lives.  Most of us always have a smartphone to hand, a constant temptation to keep us connected. We feel obliged to post on Instagram to show others what we’re doing, respond to comments friends have made on our own social media posts, or to continually offer up words and the right emoji to keep up our part in the conversation in group chats. 

Both inside and outside work there’s a tendency for technology and mental health to be at an imbalance. As we’re constantly tethered to devices, being connected is almost impossible to avoid. As humans, it’s not natural for us to be on call 24/7, though we often feel it’s expected of us. Overusing computers, phones and devices can lead to anxiety, stress, depression and the general overcrowding of the mind. To help you to redress the balance and to help you to disconnect, Dr Jan offers both group and 1-on-1 coaching

1-on-1 coaching will be tailored to meet your specific individual needs. This form of life coaching can particularly help you if you want to resolve any mental health issues.  Maybe your department at work could benefit from Dr Jan’s approach?  Group coaching can help to reset your whole team’s mindset, to make them all the best they can be.


Contact Dr Jan Today To Kick-Start Your Future 


If you feel that you need support in making a positive change to you or your team’s mindset, then a Discovery Call is the best place to start. During a complimentary 20-minute call, Dr Jan will assess your current outlook and discuss your goals to ensure that you are about to switch off and take a step back from your life.

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