The 6 Laws Of The Mind

Everything that we know follows a set of natural rules. The same applies to the Law Of Thinking. To know, and understand, the rules that govern our thinking and acting is of paramount importance for everybody, because the results we manifest in our lives depend on these very rules. Still, many people believe in useless habits of thought, such as coincidence and numerous other tendencies adopted in childhood.

Thinking is not just something that simply happens and we have no control over. In actual fact, with a little practice, you can quite easily take your thinking away from the usual automatisms, whenever and wherever you want. Learning these skills requires your commitment and working on your mindset, philosophy and outlook to really shift your consciousness. That’s where Dr Jan C. Wulff comes in.


Dr Jan C. Wulff


Dr Jan C. Wulff, known by many of his clients as Dr Joy, is a GP and Life Coach with many years’ experience educating business owners, top managers and medical professionals on how to alter their ways of thinking to positively transform their mental and physical wellbeing.

Dr Jan C. Wulff has a real zest for coaching and seeing the transformation in his clients is something he truly loves. It is this passion, together with his expertise and knowledge, that makes Dr Jan such a credible and interesting coach.

You may be familiar with Dr Jan C. Wulff’s fantastic BrainTuning® System in which he presents 5 structured steps on how to broaden your understanding of yourself. In addition to this, in his upcoming offering, Dr Jan is coaching individuals and groups on how to energetically charge their thoughts and actions.

This brand new, 6-module course is known as The 6 Laws Of The Mind, and will be launching soon!


The 6 Laws Of The Mind: Modules


Each module of The 6 Laws Of The Mind will become available to the user in order of completion at a rate of 1 module per week. For example, once Module 1 has been completed, Module 2 will automatically become available the following week, and so on.

The 6 modules are:

Module 1: The Law Of The Inside And Outside World

This first module is about the difference between being the creator of our lives, or the victim of our circumstances. Better awareness of the inside world – the world we create within ourselves – enables us to influence the outside world.

In the words of Dr Jan C. Wulff:

“The more I am aware of what I am thinking, feeling and doing, the more I can create what I want.”

Module 2: The Law Of Attraction

The Law Of Attraction involves understanding how negative thinking creates negativity, and how positive thinking creates positivity. The old adage ‘what goes around, comes around’ holds true and whatever we think, do and radiate comes back to us. Think: Whether nice or nasty, who is creating this?

Module 3: The Law Of Control

We all have conscious and unconscious thoughts. Yes, we even have thoughts we are not aware of. This module is about retaining positive thoughts and identifying negative thoughts. Once negative thoughts have been identified, you can undertake an exercise that Dr Jan C. Wulff calls a “weeding process” or “mind maintenance”. This involves removing these negative thoughts, and replacing them with positive ones.

Module 4: The Law Of Freedom

The Law Of Freedom is as simple as it sounds. We can think whatever we want and we can make what we think a reality. The exercise for this particular module consists of thinking of a short-term, feasible goal, understanding what it means to think about it, and then to achieve it.

Module 5: The Law That Thoughts Are Real Forces

Everything starts with a thought, and this will not change. The thought is the initial ‘thing’ in every process, followed by emotion and then the steps we take to achieve our goals.

Module 6: The Law Of Transmitters And Receivers

We, as humans, transmit and receive energy and thoughts to and from each other. We communicate without realising. Have you ever thought about calling someone and then, in that instance, that person calls you? This is not a coincidence. Coincidence is nothing more than a useless habit of thought, remember.

The final exercise of Module 6 involves only thinking about The 6 Laws Of The Mind, and nothing else.

As soon as the 6 modules have been completed, the user will receive a certificate and be granted lifetime access to the perpetually valuable content of The 6 Laws Of The Mind.


Positive Mindset


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