Give The Gift Of Peace Of Mind

Is Mindset Coaching a private matter? The response to this question depends entirely on who you ask. For some, seeking help to explore the inner workings of the mind is an intensely private experience, both with regard to the contents of the discussion during coaching sessions and in their willingness to admit that they are speaking to a professional.

Others feel confident in sharing their participation in Mindset Coaching, but do not publicise the details of their sessions, while some individuals feel so empowered by their personal growth that they recount all of their conversations and exercises with others, perhaps in the hope that they too will consider signing up.

Gauging a person’s readiness to explore personal development is the key to giving the perfect Christmas gift. Even if you believe that a friend, family member or colleague would benefit from Mindset Coaching, if they have not directly expressed an interest, purchasing coaching sessions for them could cause insult or embarrassment. If, however, a loved one has indicated that they want to make a change in their life, Mindset Coaching sessions might be the greatest gift that they ever receive.


What Is Mindset Coaching?

Your mindset is a collection of beliefs that shape your thought habits and behaviours. It dictates how you feel, your actions and the way in which you view yourself and the outside world.

Each person develops their own unique mindset as they grow. Their thoughts are unconsciously moulded by their outside inputs, such as their parents, the place they were raised, news stories and the media. If these external influences were negative, their mindset is likely pessimistic, which can result in low self-esteem and an inability to successfully navigate relationships or reach their goals.

Mindset Coaching generates a level of self-awareness that enables you to consciously change the negative thought patterns that prohibit personal growth and success. Through guided sessions, participants are taught mindfulness techniques and thought exercises that permanently modify their mindset.


Mindset Coaching Benefits: Reduced Stress

Challenging our negative thoughts and adopting a more optimistic perspective improves mental well-being. Many studies show that individuals with a positive mindset are able to better cope with stress. By acknowledging triggers that cause stress and learning to react differently to them, we are able to live a more calm and happy life.


Mindset Coaching Benefits: Peace Of Mind

Peace of mind describes an inner calm, free from worry and anxiety. As we replace negative thought patterns with positive alternatives, our stress levels naturally reduce and we can find the good in unpleasant situations. Things that once inflicted sleepless nights no longer cause distress or upset.


Mindset Coaching Benefits: Goal Setting And Accomplishments

If you developed a fixed mindset during childhood, you probably believe that success is linked to innate talent. This causes a fear of failure. In your eyes, attempting something without success denotes a lack of intelligence. This may inhibit your willingness to set yourself challenges.

Our ability to achieve our goals is also adversely affected by thoughts such as ‘I can’t do this’ or ‘what’s the point?’. Mindset Coaching limits self-criticism, which elevates self-esteem and drives progress.


How Do I Purchase Mindset Coaching For Peace Of Mind?

A change in mindset is an invaluable gift. If someone special in your life is ready to embark on a journey of personal growth, Mindset Coaching sessions are probably at the top of their Christmas list. To purchase their first session or series of sessions, fill in the online form on Dr. Jan’s website. Alternatively, arrange a Discovery Call with the man himself.

Give the gift of peace of mind, the greatest gift of all.

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