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Dr. MED. Jan C Wulff

How Are You Feeling Today?

I help high-achieving professionals to better deal with the stress, pressure and strain of their work and thus live a more fulfilling life.

Dr Jan C. Wulff

Being a doctor should not be that hard!

As a doctor with decades of professional experience, I myself understand how challenging the pressures of medical practice can be. Dealing with patients on a daily basis can make you feel uncomfortable, unmotivated and too stressed to live a fulfilled life. This can affect your sleep, your relationships and your ability to give 100% to your patients and staff.


Five-Step BrainTuning System

Imagine that you could make a drastic change in your life. One in which you look forward to seeing your clients, patients, colleagues and staff. One in which you could feel the same passion, positivity and high-energy as you did when you first started out in your career.

My 5-step BrainTuning® System helps you to realign yourself with your goals and passion in both your professional and private life. You will experience joy and a deep sense of fulfilment, but most of all you will regain your zest for life!

  1. Step One : Self-Discovery

    Bring to light and understand in a detailed and deep conversation where you are and how this affects you.

  2. Step Two : Joy Roadmap

    Develop your mindfulness through 6 unique perspectives that give you clarity of thought.

  3. Step Three : Tools For Success

    Establish new ways of thinking and behaving by developing joy in discipline and repeating actions.

  4. Step Four : Mindfulness Matrix

    Clean up your thoughts to become more resilient, present and aware of your inside reality and the outside world around you.

  5. Step Five : Anchoring Habits

    Deepen your knowledge by creating solid implementation habits and gaining positive experiences.

Book a call with me today and discover how I can help you to achieve the positive transformation that you’re crying out for!


The 6 laws are different perspectives of our reality

6 module course – 6 weeks – 1 payment of £180.
Learn to improve negative thinking and implementation habits. Positive experiences will follow automatically. Book your place today to secure your journey with Dr Jan C. Wulff.

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I want to help you become the very best version of yourself, and to live the most fulfilling life possible!

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